What are the 6 Ways of Watch Packaging?

Mar. 03, 2021

As a Watch Box Manufacturer, share with you.

Don't underestimate the box. In this e-commerce era, competition is fierce, and good products and good packaging can easily stand out. A good packaging is very important to product sales.

Custom PU Leather Watch Box for Jewelry

Custom PU Leather Watch Box for Jewelry

1.Watch packaging is also the lowest grade packaging. Usually use white single-powder cardboard or gray cardboard and kraft paper. The watch is only packaged in the form of a card box or color box. There are no special requirements for the packaging. Usually need to minimize packaging costs, and does not require packaging quality.

2. Ordinary watch box and plastic box. For plastic watch boxes, it is divided into two types. One is a pure plastic box with text and patterns printed in the plastic box. The second type is based on a plastic box, covered with a layer of special paper or four-color printed color paper, and there is also a PU leather bag, also called a wrapped gift box. Most watches sold in traditional watch shops are in this kind of packaging box.

3. The gift box uses cardboard as the main material. Usually, this kind of watch box is a Custom PU Leather Watch Box for Jewelry produced by a professional manufacturer, business department or gift company! Cardboard watch boxes are divided into: gift boxes covered with special paper, gift boxes covered with paper and gift boxes covered with PU leather.

4. Wooden box. This kind of packaging style is usually used for high-end markets or for foreign exports. Its main material is wood, commonly known as wooden watch box. Wooden watch boxes are divided into MDF wooden boxes and solid wood boxes.

5. Transparent packaging box. Usually used for display. The material used is acrylic. Commonly known as the acrylic watch box, the most important function is transparent, which can well show the appearance characteristics of the watch, so that consumers can watch the style and color of the watch. The visual effect is good!

6. Hand-wrapped, usually a gift box, plus a paper outer packaging box. There are also some high-end wooden boxes with four-color printing boxes on the outside. Usually, the high-end market uses double-layered watch boxes. Relatively speaking, packaging costs are higher. There are specific requirements and parameters for packaging color, packaging style and packaging quality.

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